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    I had seen a video not a while ago of Rubidium and Caesium in water. And the results were quite spectacular. But I was wondering exactly what are the energy scales of these reactions, and how much more energetic would Francium be if dropped in water? Assuming there is enough in the world to drop in water.

    Would someone be able to show a chemical forumla of such a reaction please? And the energy scales involved?

    Just a trivial question I know, but it would be interesting to know.

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    Sounds like the Brainiac thingy on alkali metals in water reaction. Allthough it wa spretty impressive in my personal oppinion this was rigged. The explosions come from the hydrogen gas and it does not matter to the reaction:
    Me + H20 --> 1/2 H2 + OH- (not stoiciomterically correct I know) what meatl you put in contact with water. Those reactions are quite exothermic but the "boom" you get is from the hydrogen realesed and finally ignited. The amount of hydrogen is always the same. And you really do not want to handle Francium: Highly radioactive and doe snot change the outcome of the experiment.

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    hmm, I don't know exactly due to the fact it's almost impossible to find an area where it's legal let alone available for use

    i've heard rumours though, think atomic bomb's and you have a rough idea of the reaction with a tiny bit

    fortunately and unfortunately only 30g exists at any one time naturally and it's universally forbidden to be created, so any substanstial evidence is unobtainable
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