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Thread: Copper/Zinc sulphate solutions

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    Ok I have searched in all my text books, did some google, looked at some sites, but I cant seem to find a way to make the copper/zinc sulphate solution.

    We need to make it to 1 mol/dm^3
    I guess ill need a scale, so I got one of the micro kitchen scales...

    We basically have to do a science project for school where we build a copper zinc battery. Thought ill do it at home to get some experiance. And great news is it works perfectly...

    We also need to make a fruit battery... I tried both banana and lemons. Whats the current one should get from a single cell? I get 0.8V (Its 1.1V max so I guess its good) and about 0.8mA... The motor I wanne power requires 20mA... people said you can get 15-20mA out of such a cell... is that true? am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    Need help with homework?
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