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    Can anybody tell, apart from checking SG and Voltage, is there any good way of detecting a bad or dead cell in a 12V L.A.Battery. What is the chemical formula of liquid battery equalizer.

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    The best way is to measure the voltage. If it is less then 12 volts, then you have a dead cell. Most of the times this is a rupture in a conductor, and that shouldn't be to hard to repair. But i am telling you, DON'T open the battery, just buy a new one.

    Also, the number of lead particles in the battery may give an indication of wich one is depleted.

    I think you can use a concentrated and straight lightbeam, and see how much it bends trought the cell. If lead is dissolved in there, there should be a slightly sharper bend there.

    I have no idea what the formulae is, and i don't even know right now if a full battery has all it's lead dissolved or stuck to the plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by behtar_raza
    What is the chemical formula of liquid battery equalizer.
    According to the MSDS, it's cadmium sulfate. Probably a little bit of snake oil in there too. I am somewhat skeptical because I never heard of such product before.
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