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Thread: I want to start learning accounting ,Please help

  1. #1 I want to start learning accounting ,Please help 
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    There are almost no active accounting forums to ask beginner accounting questions

    I don't know where to start .

    Please help

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    Why not start posting and ,you never know there might enough interest to set up this new sub forum?

    If nothing else you might begin a discussion others can contribute to.

    (I wouldn't have any idea as to where you might find a dedicated accounting forum elsewhere)

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    Thanks geordief ,

    I have started learning it some time ago and the biggest problem was finding a good book of accounting with accounting terms .

    The basic of accounting is not that hard , It is just recording the accounting events that happens in the business in a debit and credit side depending on the nature of accounting event

    The 5 accounting elements are Asset , Expense , Income , Capital and Liability .

    All the accounting events are one of those from a business point of view .

    You just records it in a journal / ledger depending on the nature of that accounting event

    I was looking for a book of accounting with lots of accounting terminologies and this is a good one i have found .

    Principles of Financial Accounting Christine Jonick

    I am going to take a print out of that book soon .

    About other accounting forums , the only one i know is accountantforums, but its not that active . I never get a proper reply even if i wait for months
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