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Thread: Autodesk wants your 1st Born...

  1. #1 Autodesk wants your 1st Born... 
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    Buyers beware of the fine print

    I'm not sure if you need to register to read the above link(?)

    Following are examples of the type of conditions now found in Autodesk agreements; one allows Autodesk to cancel for convenience. Another automatically cancels a licence should the user become insolvent. Users who travel are prohibited from using their Autodesk licence in any jurisdiction other than the one in which it was bought.

    The real eye-opener is the clause that stipulates users allow Autodesk access physically, or electronically, to their systems and premises. This is to allow Autodesk to conduct an audit of customers' systems. Under the same clause, Autodesk indicates its intent to recover (unspecified) costs for the audit.
    I can't see this change in their EULA being good for their business in the long run.

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    Considering the cost of the Autodesk software this is no shock. Microsoft does an audit of your system as well, they just don't tell you they are going to be doing so. Many other companies do the same.

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