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    I would like to inform you that currently I am conducting a research entitled "New Product Development at Universities" for a MRes at Cranfield University.

    The main objectives of the study are the following:
    To study the product/process/technology development practices at universities.
    To compare the universities performance with the industry.
    In order to achieve the mentioned objectives, I would highly appreciate your collaboration by completing the survey provided. It should not take longer than 6 minutes.

    The survey targets people who fulfills these three criteria:
    1. They were involved in the development of a product, process, or technology that is meant to be applied on a product or process.
    2. They performed the project in behalf of a university.
    3. The project was in collaboration with either industry/business, government, or a NGO.
    The survey respondent can fill as many questionnaires as projects under the above mentioned conditions he has been involved.

    The survey is totally anonymous, none information provided would enable personal, university or company identification.

    Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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