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    Hey guys, hope y'all can help me out with this. What would be the first thing needed to sell hamburgers like a hamburger vendor. Like in a city. Also if you can list some important checkpoints too that'd be great. Thanks.

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    Well, you will probably need:

    1) a permit
    2) vendor cart (cookers, refrig, etc.)
    3) supplies (food,etc)
    4) menu
    5) signs for advertising
    6) spots that see alot of traffic (cars, people)
    7) good food
    8) finally, some luck and hard work.

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    And think about it like a business concept: how can I add something to the market? Selling food at a tourist attraction point is an old concept, that market is probably saturated. But how about a business district, or even a high-rise residential area?

    People who buy a hamburger usually do so because they are at a certain location at lunch or dinner time, and they're unable to eat what they normally eat (they can't get home in time for dinner for example). Think about at what times and places this occurs.

    That's how the real-estate guys do it, but you can think in this same way to make your business a success :wink:
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    One of the things that makes people 'feel' hungry is the smell of food, so try to pick an area where the odour won't be blown away from people, so maybe a box of smoke flares might be a good start, also set up at some traffic bottleneck?

    If you can do it in an underground station where the odour will 'remain' then you've got it made!
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