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Thread: Facebook likepage as a platform for marketing a product

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    Hello guys,

    I'm planning to start my own business and what better way than to use facebook to get people redirected to my website for orders. Can't mention the product though but its along the lines of healthy alternatives. So what do you guys think of the facebook likepage as a platform for marketing a product? Have you guys tried it? Was your page successful or was it a flop? I've seen other pages and their likes reach about 2,000.000 but does that translate to sales? Any plans or strategies that you used to build up your market? Is it even possible to sell products with the use of your facebook likepage? Hope you guys could help and even better if you could share your experiences.


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    I think in the end, what will matter most is your product. People aren't as gullible to marketing ploys as they used to be. They do the bandwagon thing when it come to fashion but not much else. Bandwagon seems more effective on abstract ideas rather than who's buying what.

    I, personally, never pay attention to how many people like a company's facebook page. I know how all too easy it is to get friends to like stuff for you. And I know how little thought goes into choosing whether or not to like something. Many people will like things just so they can seem to be part of a lifestyle they have little to do with.

    I have in the past, liked hte pages of celebrities or businesses only to never return to that page again. It wasn't because I liked what they were selling. It was because I wanted to present an image to people who might view my facebook page (something I don't use anymore). I would like causes that I thought would make me look favorable in the eyes of those I wanted to impress. Did that mean I gave to those causes or did anything at all to promote the cause. Nope. All I did was click like. I realize I am not someone you would consider to be an average user. I certainly wouldn't be part of a representative sample of the majority. But I am sure I am not an enigma either.

    If you want your business to succeed. Customer service and quality products are what you need to provide. Look how successful ebay and amazon are. They are not even the providers of most of the products sold on their sites but they guarantee satisfaction. And they don't mess around. If you are sold crap, you will get your money back. They have integrity. They give excellent service. And that is what most people care the most about.

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    Speaking badly about people after they are gone and jumping on the bash the band wagon must do very well for a low self-esteem.
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    Thanks for your amazing point of view! Customer service and satisfaction would really be the key in doing this. But what if I have those factors already present in my product, my biggest question would be how it would be known to people. I guess it would be self liquidating then if I have quality product topped off with amazing customer service?
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