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Thread: inventions for free

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    I mean, is that reckless or what?

    Any ideas?

    Who knows what I am talking about?

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    Ok, I will bite.

    There is a society hypothesised called resource based economy where money is no factor and everything is done for the "greater good" of all mankind and this planet that we care-take for the rest of the species that inhabit it. To allow scientists free unrestricted access to the resources but maintaining them for future generations is the basis of this society.

    Inventions are created and handed out (only for the good of the species). Greed is no longer a factor in this society and also the power is not in the hands of just a few. It is a world quite similar to communism in the respect that everything is shared by the people for the people. And just because I mentioned communism does not imply that this resource based society is based on communism though it has its affiliations.

    The world that we live in today with this money based society is a farce. If you have seen the movie "In Time", starring Justin Timberlake and Dakota Fanning, that movie is a good representation of this money based society that we are all unfortunate to be part of.

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    And suppose you provided an invention as a sovereign to a people who would then share this with other sovereigns from other lands that then laughed at your inept ability of global chess playing?

    What type of King move is that to a pawn of all things?
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