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    Lets say if there is an artifact for sale in india especially for american tourists like a decorative handcraft. Its basic cost in india lets say its just 40 rupees! So as per currency exchange laws 1 dollar is equal to 48 rupees! So when i buy that thing since i am a native i get it just for 40 rupees, and when the foreign tourist buys it they pay 50 multiplied by 40 that equals to 2000 rupees!
    So i think here in india there is monetary law abided by both governments the USA capitalist government as well as the indian geovernment! That is when an indian businessman who just has a capital of 5000 rupees goes to USA and exchanges it for dollars! The american government provides the indian businessman with value 500000 dollars! So the indian goes with that set of money and does whatsoever business dealings he has to make with foreign businessmen! Then he profits and makes some capital of say 40000 dollars after some time period and returns to india. Then the indian government when it comes to paying the indian businessman 1600000 rupees, hands him only 140000 rupees for exchange of 40000 dollars. So infact dollars weightage to indian rupee is infact very much similar! As if the rupees were had more weightage than dollars! ( maybe the foreign USA governments were very foolish)

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    USA government foolish? Surely you jest, dotcomrade!

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    you are responding to a blocked account, you know that right?
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