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    hello members, i just want to ask does anyone have any recent articles (recent as in within the past 6months) on storms affecting the supply of a commodity in a market, e.g. oil supply, apple or fruits, agricultural supply. it doesn't always have to be a storm, it can even be some other factor affecting a huge declination in the supply in a market.

    Can anyone give a good link perhaps? o and in the articles there should be mentioning of figures such as how much reduction in supply was there, price decrease etc...

    i would appreciate if anyone can help me out, and give me some useful links.

    thank you.


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    hey guys i wanna get the updates of economic conditions plz suggest me the feed or sites..

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    Heins; Without listing 100 sites, it's difficult to make an intelligent response. What's been going on in recent months, especially in food prices, is the simple "supply/demand" principle, not so much on account of any event. You living in Singapore, should be well aware of the Asian Influence on those demands, with an adjusted 9.8% increase in GDP, which is a good thing.

    For the record, demand (commodity price) in Copper, Silver, Wheat, Soybeans, Corn, Sugar, Cocoa and Cotton are at all time highs or have been recently (inside 6 months). Most others are up as well, generally for an increased demand by China, India and South America, where economies are NOT as those in Europe or North America. Oil is no different, though this would be my opinion as 100's of products are based on the supply of oil, especially Plastics and fertilizers, not to mention Gasoline/Diesel (petrol). Both American General Motors and Ford have recently reported their highest ever sales in Asia and Tata Motors (India Car/Trucks) have been in a boom for years.

    Since this an old post, if you find this reply you might list a couple specifics and I'd be happy to elaborate further....

    Sam; Here again there are so many and not knowing your purpose, makes the question difficult to answer, however if your an investor or day trader you could do as I do with Scottrade or any Brokerage web-site, generally free with an account. For instance 24/7/365, I have streaming news from 8-10 different business/economic sources in real time. If your thinking International Economic conditions, I'd suggest Fox Business News, Bloomburg, MSN or CNN Webb sites which are free or maybe the Wall Street Journal, which requires a subscription, all can be googled and your looking for the business sections.

    First time posters rarely come back around here, but if you do and I've skirted your question, be a little more specific and I'll do my best...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackson33
    What's been going on in recent months, especially in food prices, is the simple "supply/demand" principle, not so much on account of any event.
    It's more likely caused by commodity market speculators.
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    CHICAGO (Reuters) McDonald's Corp (MCD.N) posted a better-than-expected 6 percent rise in April sales at established restaurants, helped by menu price increases that helped offset higher costs for beef and other ingredients.

    McDonald's, whose shares rose 1.1 percent in early trading, said on Monday April sales at restaurants open at least 13 months were up 4 percent in the United States.

    Same-restaurant sales rose 6.5 percent in Europe and 6.5 percent in its Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) unit.

    Analysts were expecting U.S. sales to rise 3.3 percent. They also expected a 5.1 percent rise in Europe and a gain of 2.7 percent in APMEA, Jefferies & Co analyst Andy Barish said in a client note.

    McDonald's in March put through a 1 percent menu price rise in the United States, where it plans additional increases. Prices in Europe are up by the same amount, and the company plans to raise prices in China.

    "McDonald's top line momentum is going to hold up just fine," especially with the price increases, said Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy.

    The bigger question, he added, is how much the aggressive rise in food costs will pressure margins.

    McDonald's generally has an edge over rivals when it comes to raising prices because it attracts a higher-income diner than other fast-food chains. Analysts say it would have the least resistance if it boosted prices on premium burgers and McCafe drinks that appeal to those customers.

    In addition to advertising pricier products such as new beverages, McDonald's has been catering to budget-conscious diners with its value menu. The chain's broad appeal may give it an edge over smaller chains, such as Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc (WEN.N) or Jack in the Box Inc (JACK.O), Hottovy said.

    Many analysts believe that the company's top priority is getting more customers through the door.

    "We believe the company will be judicious with menu pricing and focus on traffic gains," Barish said.

    McDonald's shares rose 1 percent to $79.46 in early trading on the New York Stock Exchange. 8)
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