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Thread: Moving ahead with a great confidence

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    The banking industry in the United States displayed much confidence during the years preceding the present economic crisis. When analyzing the net profits and the working funds of the various banks, no one could ever imagine that the peculiar situation being witnessed now would ever arise. While some of the prominent banks and lending institutions are in the red, the overall picture is not that much negative. Beginning with the crisis in the Lehman Brothers, almost all the financing institutions had to face the music. However, almost all the major players have learned good lessons from the present crisis.

    For some banks, the growth rate was always on the positive side for a few years before the beginning of the present economic crisis. When signs of an economic recession became evident, the deceleration process in the financial market brought down the major players. But it is interesting to note that even in such a situation, things are not that much negative with players like LoanMax of rod aycox fame.

    While the major players are on the deceleration path with respect to the percentage of working funds to net profit, firms like LoanMax are staying afloat mainly by implementing better management practices. The overall growth in the banking industry is due to the better performance of certain autonomous financing institutions and banks like LoanMax. However, the government controlled banks do have some form of protection, while the nationalized banks have a better resource base.

    The main aim of reforms package instituted by the present Obama administration is to restore the banking industry to its former glory. This administration has initiated steps to turn the recession hit industry into a vibrant, growing, dynamic one. Only time will tell as to who are all are going to benefit from the reform package. Even though the reform package is expected to give an economic stimulus, the signs of a major recovery will take much time if the present developments continue for some more time. Even then, with players like LoanMax the ratio of working funds to net profit is on the higher side.

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    Spam by another name is still spam.

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