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    Hello Sir,

    Am an MBA student in seattle,actually i wanted to seek help in regard to economics book Macro Economics (second edition)by Stephen williamson which we are using for the Macro economics class this quarter, i am unable to solve the Problems and Working with the data questions and thats really hurting my grade badly, i wouldnt have emailed you but i have a very bad situtation, this is my last quarter and i need to get A grade in this macro economics class to Graduate, unable to do so i will have to take the course again. am from India and my parents cant even afford to pay for the current fee which is still due leave apart the fee i might have to pay next quarter if i dont graduate..

    i am really in a bad situtation and in this horrible state of mind i cant even think what my options are, as this is the first time i am studying econmics in USA its really tough on me with the problems and wwd, i can do the theory pretty easily but the rest if very tough on me.

    i would like to request you to help me if you possibly can help me find the answers to problem sets then i am sure i can do well in the course. or if you can pass this request to any one who can help me i would be grateful for life..

    this is an earnest plea from a studnt who has nothing to gain but everything to loose, i dont want to be a loser in life sir, i dont wana die but i seriously am disturbed at this momnet, am usre you can help me at this crucial juncture and i shall remain grateful to you for the rest of my life,

    i really am hoping tp hear from you/... infact thats my last hop...
    Please do reply, i am really hoping some one can help me..

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    Surely vj you can approach other students on the course and discuss your uncertainties with them. If you are having difficulties making friends with them, which can be the case in a new country or a new city, speak to your teachers. Explain the difficulties you are having. Perhaps seek extra tuition.
    I was worried by your remark "if you can help me find the answers to the problem sets I am sure I can do well in the course." I don't see how giving you the answers can be of any help to you. Surely you are there to learn the methods to work out any answer, not these specific answers. You should focus on understanding the methods, then these problems will appear much simpler, the answers will come to you.
    Good luck.

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    . . .a great response! I hope it helps!

    civilization-overview (dot) com

    There are no accidents, just someone taking too much risk. . . (CB)
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