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    Do you trust them enough to spend big time cash on them? Here's a friend of mine's dilemma: His job & department is being reviewed by a consulting firm. The problem is that the same firm's computer system that his company purchased is the main problem. Ethically you would think that the consultants would elect not to review his department and as of last week there has been no mention from the consulting firm about a incompetent computer system. I have to wonder how unbiased any consultant could be in a situation where their product is the main problem.

    Let's say your company's been in business for a significant amount of years and have become a success. Even so, do you have a responsibility to the shareholders to try and make the business more profitable? This responsibility may be what is known as corporate greed but if you are the CEO or equivalent and stand to make huge bonuses by implementing measures to increase profit then the motivation is there.

    So, would you bring in a consulting firm? Theses firms know all the buzz words & acronyms and some will even sell you software and computer systems they've developed that they say will make your business financially healthier. Each consultant comes with a long list of letters after their name and all seem to have graduated from Harvard business school.

    My biggest concern would be if they truly have my business as their priority. I mean , aren't they also in business? What's to stop them from becoming confidence men? Isn't that what they do? Install a sense of confidence and trust in themselves that you as the hiring firm can't resist. It's almost like a cold read in psychic parlance.

    You buy one computer system and it fails yet they convince you to try another and it too fails. Still they continue to assure you that this & that patch will work & you spend more money. You assuage the B of D that you have the utmost confidence in what your consultants are telling you and for them to be patient.

    Once you are into them for a significant amount and things aren't improving, when do you pull the plug? Do you sue? Break contract? Lick your wounds? I remember Enron and Arthur Andersen. He is still out there by the way.

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