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Thread: However, the “Game Over” sign is about to go on.

  1. #1 However, the “Game Over” sign is about to go on. 
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    Folks what we are seeing unfold is the beginning of the end of the World monetary system. I was instructed over a year ago to bring this message to the common joe stock investor via the yahoo message board.

    This is my 'Last Warning' concerning the stock-exchange. If you have a long position in stocks and/or funds this will be a good time to sell and remain liquid. If your position is short like mine hold the line. You may have notice if you have read my posts months ago about how the big swings in market momentum's are simply a means of shoring up the US dollars and by this strengthening the Dollar. As market makers flush the US indexes 3-4%, they are literally removing (x) billions of Dollars from circulation. This has a double action, (firstly) the Dollar finds strength and support, (secondly) and more important, those who are holding the Dollar short will feel the pressure to cover as their profits disappear, thus strengthening the Dollar further more. You may have seen the remarkable recovery of the US dollar but make no mistake this is a false recovery.

    The US dollar is now gaining back it's loses, "what will Wall Street earnings look like for this 3rd Quarter?" During the 2nd Quarter the Dollar averaged $1.56 meaning when US companies abroad converted their proceeds into US dollars, they actually got more Dollars to report to investors on Wall Street. Third Quarter earnings begin reporting next week, during that period the Dollar averaged $1.50, thus, if US companies abroad made the same sales "not better nor worse" profits will be on the downside across the board. You gotta ask yourself, "how lucky do you feel?" When will Big investors pull out of stocks and funds, and maybe even short a few (not being unpatriotic), however, the game is capitalism.

    The coming Market corrections will further strengthen the Dollar. REPEAT: this is FALSE STRENGTH and will only diminish the 4th Quarter profit earnings after proceeds aboard are reconverted into US dollars. Fourth Quarter thus far Dollar is averaging $1.39 and given this global reduction in consumption due to higher inflation it seems like a crash is unavoidable "in the cards" sort of speaking.

    Those who heed this message take your liquidity out of the banks and put them into Gov-Bonds while waiting for the Stock-market to crash in the coming months. Those holding short don't wait till the markets are in the sewers to cover, take your money before this happens the Exchange itself will be under bankruptcy protection, GOD knows how long you will hold that stock certificate. And when, not if, when the US Markets have crashed the US dollar will begin to plummet like something never seen before, prior to this, when you feel the time is right take your government bonds and covert them into the Euro. Atleast you’ll have protected your money for food and rent. Godspeed!

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