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Thread: A Knowledge-Based Bailout Plan Based On Solution Of Value

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    Briefly; Market driven 'supply/demand'...A product is introduced into the market. If received by consumers the product/service is bought or used and at the asked prices. When the product reaches saturation, the product will DECLINE in price, retool the product or reach additional markets. Electronics for instance today sell for 1/10th there original cost.

    Supply of housing has been increasing for ever, while demand in the past 30 years relatively steady. Government (99% of todays problem) has be encouraging an ownership society, with out explaining the cost or consequences of bad decision, no less than with any ITEM ever purchased. Additionally financial concerns have been adding to this pyramid by loaning EXPECTED values on homes, not only above the true market values, but expected values in years to come. In specific AREAS (opposed to all) the consumer base available to maintain those price increases simply vanished, simultaneously interest rates, taxes, utilities, raw materials for maintenance were increasing at rather dramatic rates.

    Since I am led to believe the smartest people in this area are making decisions on just what to do, how do do it and implement the process my comments at best are immaterial to the solution. However, there is not enough money available to government to compensate all home owners that have lost value in their purchase or to pay the ownership expenses, which would be the only solution, whether from the last year, or two or more years into the future....If nothing else consider buying a NEW CAR. Today you drive that car off the Sales Lot and its automatically worth 20% less than you just paid. If government wants to make this up, or that cost of ownership in homes, it might just as well raise taxes to 100% and supply everyone with an equal wage.....Markets in ALL the various areas, will eventually determine the values. They have been all along and changing this now SMELLS of a political agenda.

    As for your reply or any form letter reply from any government agency. It is an obligation to respond to comments in letter form with a return address.

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