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    I have had so many ideas taken by companies only because I did not have the money to file for a patent. I instantly ridicule such propositions, but I need a second opinion. Do invention help companies actually provide you with a realistic chance of obtaining a patent without screwing you over? I asked some friends involved in business, all of which told me to stay away form those companies. I know of course that you will receive far under %100 of the profit since these companies are essentially business investment partners that assist you in the form of filing a patent for free that will hopefully make them allot of money in return. I can accept that, but will they actually give you the reported portion (like %15 of profits)? I know not all businesses are the same, can you suggest one that is believed to be honest?

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    ** think charges 25-50.00 to draw up a patten for submission and tell you how...There are others.

    By far the most often reason a patten is denied, is duplication. You would be surprised how many ideas have been under patten and not yet used. There are many ideas that cannot be patented, such as merchandising ideas or business models.

    Any large business or for that matter most small small have at least one person that any idea can be submitted to, usually this goes to existing product improvement, but if related to there product lines, would probably give you time to demonstrate the usefulness or whatever.

    If you have an idea and is under patten, you best bet is always self production. The same process is available through any number of investors, frankly a dime a dozen...There are professional folks, that deal in 'feasibility studies' for marketing, public needs and a number of related areas for potential of an ideas success. Then there are hundreds of catalogs available where new products are tested, even over the WWW.

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