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    I am confused as to what the role of PCr in muslce contrraction actually is. I understand that it used to to convert ADP to ATP, however I do not understand where the PCr comes from. Does the PCr not come from respiration itself in a reverse of the reaction described above? Consequently, what is the point of using ATP to produce PCr and then using Pcr to produce ATP? It doesnt make sense to me; please can someone explain?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Phosphocreatine can produce ATP very quickly without producing damaging metabolic waste under anaerobic conditions. So your body makes PCr so that under anaerobic conditions they can still function. PCr stores usually last about 2-7 seconds they are usually used to fuel burst of muscle movement. PCr is also found in brain cells where it is used for the same purpose.

    So your body produces PCr, expends energy in the process, so that it can have access to quick energy when there is no oxygen.

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