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Thread: does laying on diffent sides effect how you think?

  1. #1 does laying on diffent sides effect how you think? 
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    Before I start, I would like to point out that I do not support drug use unless one is extremely informed of what is going in ones body....
    But, the other night I was laying in bed restless and not tired. The mushrooms I had eaten 6 hours ago had my mind racing 300 miles an hour. I stumbled across a strange and interesting thought. It seemed that my mind produced different types of thoughts depending on if I was laying on my left or right side. Then I got to thinking. Your left and right side of the brain do produce different types of thoughts, and depending on which side you're on, gravity is going to give one side more blood than the other. What are you're thoughts

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    I don't know about blood pressure asymmetry.

    But for sure my comprehension of a novel is impaired when I read in bed, book propped open & one eye squashed shut by pillow. I have to (just have to - it's terrible) flop over each time I begin a new page. The pages route through alternate hemispheres.

    Yesterday I had to (the agony) assemble a new gas barbecue by blindly threading a lock-washer plus nut onto a concealed bolt, by touch alone with fingertips. I closed my left eye whilst groping with right hand. Why close my eye? Why that one?

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    Gravity (and resulting pressure from internal organs, dinner, and whatnot, on particular arteries) may also impact how much blood goes from the trunk to the head in the first place, whether the hemispheres are differentially affected or not.
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