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Thread: Fundamental construction of the universe(3)

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    1 Fundamental construction of the universe is bi-four seasons' whole containing state-varying organization,state-forming organization and control organization(three organizations).
    2 Animals,galaxies,clusters of galaxies and society are bi-four seasons' whole containing three organizations.
    3 When there is no independent control organization,state-varying organization and state-forming organization undertake together the function of control organization and bi-four seasons' wholes having no independent control organization such as plants and multi-cell bacteria appear.
    4 When three organizations behave as single four seasons' organization,single-cell organims:eucaryote having nucleus happen.Single-cell organisms without energy organs:mitochondria and choroplast are procaryote.And virus have only DNA and proteins and are sub-life bodies.
    5 Above-mentioned construction occur in the evolution of the universe and society.
    6 All controls in the universe are found out.

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    Can you respond to the following:

    You have posted unintelligible garbage as in this thread five times on these forums since August 15th. :
    Human Relativity
    The Solar system is Life Body
    Einstein’s Relativity is 2-Dimensional space-time
    What is the first push of the Universe?
    Fundamental Construction of the Universe

    This is a forum for scientific discussion and debate. You seem unwilling to engage in discussion. When you have responded to implicit or explicit questions it has typically been with a further unintelligible post. Why?

    You have posted the same or similar items on least six other forums.
    The Naked Scientist Discussion Forum
    Science Forums
    Comparative Religions Forum
    Science Forums and Debate
    Science GrpSrv
    Plus probably a further four that are in Chinese.
    In all of those in English you post the same kind of material without explanation and with little or no attempt to take part in a discussion.

    Why do you not post a link to an English translation of your entire paper and ask us to discuss it? What is the purpose of these random posts?

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    i guess in the end we can kick and scream for answers but it doesn't change the fact that tianman32 is not listening. even if he replies there will be no logic involved as he would have ignored everyones advice.

    i guess a good question we could ask in these forums would be why are some people Assholes?
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