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Thread: Natural selection and genetic linkage

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    I am starting a new thread just because many people fail to
    understand why genetic linkage and background selection
    can undermine natural selection.

    I am therefore posting links ( excuse the pun) to three
    such articles:

    The point I argued in my draft paper was that recombination
    is also limited: Chromosmal crossovers, gene shuffling, is
    always noted as removing deleterious alleles from the chromosome
    that the selected locus resides on:

    But it can introduce harmful alleles as well and boost their frequency
    (through association with the selected locus) before separation
    finally removes them. It is a random, stochastic process and cannot
    intelligently select pick and choose as is implied in some textbooks.

    If this repeated hitching and alighting continues, you will see the frequencies of some delterious alleles rise faster than negative
    selection can cull them. The higher their frequency, the more
    the likelihood that beneficial alleles could be culled by way of
    background selection.

    Noone in the genetics community has even thought about this
    as I found to my horror speaking to one such professor who
    I won't mention as I am working with him on this problem.

    I urge all computational geneticists to take what i have mentioned
    on board and use it in their simulations.

    Thank you for your cooperation ,and I hope we can finally
    discover the truth about the effects of natural selection.

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