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    Hi! In school my class (7th Grade) has to do a BIG presentation about anything we want and this is worth a total of 150 points. Since my favorite animal is a pig my presentation is about a pig and my class had to do an outline of our presentation and this is how it looks like:

    I Habitat
    -how they survive
    -what they eat

    II Life Cycle, Food Chain, and Pig Species
    -their life cycle
    -the pig's food chain
    -different types of pigs

    III Pig Myths
    -year of the pig
    -pig myths
    -why they roll in mud

    So can you please tell me anything you know about pigs. This presentation is due March 4th.[/b]

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. We're glad to help students if we can, but there are a few rules. First and most importantly is that we will not do your work for you; this is because we believe it is very important for students to learn how to do their own research, as it will be a skill you will need and use a LOT in the future. If you're having trouble finding information, or are unsure if the information you find is reliable, or don't understand some of the things you read about, then definitely come and ask us.

    Try doing a google search on pigs, you'll find a LOT of information that way. Also try Animal Diversity Web, a great website for scientific information on a ton of animal species.

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    How long is the presentation supposed to be?
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