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Thread: largest birds of prey

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    hi everyone havent been on here for a while, ive been doing a bit of research on the net, i wanted to know what the biggest bird of prey in the world is. i always thought it was the stella eagle. there is quite a lot of answers on the net and stella eagle wasnt even mentioned. i am also keen to find out what is the biggest bird of prey in england. theres a bird called the white tailed eagle which is apparently the biggest in uk, but its england in particular im interested in. there is so many varied answers and i figured if anybody knew for sure it would be in here. thanks in anticipation.

    be nice im new
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    Biggest Carnivorus bird? Then it would be

    Titanis Walleri

    Largets by height and strongest? Then it would be the

    North African ostrich

    In England? It would be the

    White Tailed Eagle.

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