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    "Myostatin and the associated gene were discovered in 1997 by geneticists Alexandra McPherron and Se-Jin Lee, who also produced a strain of mutant mice that lack the gene and have about twice as much muscle as normal mice.[1] These mice were subsequently named "mighty mice". The gene has been sequenced in humans, mice, several other mammals and many different fish species, most of which are current or potential cultivars. The primary coding sequence is highly conserved among all vertebrates [2] as is the genomic organization [3]. These and other recent studies also indicate that the myostatin gene in fish has been duplicated as most fish species possess two distinct myostatin genes (MSTN-1 & -2) while salmonids have four (MSTN-1a, -1b, -2a & -2b) [4][5][6] This further suggests that the physiological and developmental aspects of myostatin biology may be quite different from that in mammals."

    text from wikipedia

    Is it possible to remove this gene from human ??

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