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    Seems like something to this effect came up in another thread, but I wasn't able to find it...

    I heard that if someone drinks cold water, they burn calories as the body warms it up. I question this, because the water would be warmed up as it equilibriated with internal body temperature, I don't see the body purposely burning calories in the form of fat or whatever to warm it up. Thoughts?

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    I would say you are correct; as long as the body is at a stable temperature, there is no reason to expend energy to warm water that will be warmed by spontaneous heat exchange. However, if the ingestion of cold water contributes to lowering the body's temperature beyond a certain point, then the body will start to expend energy to try and re-raise it's temperature, via shivering etc. The purpose isn't to warm the water, but to maintain body temperature.

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