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Thread: hematopoiesis in fetus

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    does anyone knows when the eiosinophiles in fetous start to appear. i.e. at what age (in weeks of gestation) we start to see eiosinophiles circulating in fetus blood...?//

    thank you for answering

    ELie Geara,
    Research assistant,
    Faculty of medicine,
    American University of Beirut.
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    vascular system develops at around 4th week of gestation. blood cells also start to differentiate at that time. But i'm not sure whether different blood cells start to mature at different times of gestation.

    But since RBC and WBC except lymphocytes develop from myeloid stem cells. i think they should all appear at once. ( But it will be interesting to look a t appearance of different colony stimulating factors.) So i guess it should be around 4th week i suppose.

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