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    A quick question just out of curiosity:

    Does anyone have any information on how evolutionary trees are built based on genetic analysis? I know it is possible to look at two different individuals of the same species and analyze their mitochondrial DNA to determine when their last common female ancestor was alive, but can the same method be used across species? Are there other methods?

    Thank you.


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    You may wish to try the following, which I have found useful.

    This is a PowerPoint style lecture introducing Phylogenetic Analysis:

    This is a much more technical, and somewhat restricted, take on the subject.

    This is a very detailed discussion, in a number of documents, by the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists . This is the most comprehensive.

    Another detailed technical consideration:

    Here is an interesting comparison of phylogenetic and palaeontological approaches.

    Finally, here is a specific example, in which the timing of the origin of the cetacea and their divergence from artiodactyls is considered.

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