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Thread: bioremediation ... in oceans?

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    Hi, I was wondering ...
    Bioremediation of polluted soils by bacteria is already being used ( i think). But can this technique be used in water as well, for example to clean the oil in the oceans. I had a discussion with a friend about this, he asked me why this wasn't already happening. I told him because oil floats on water, there'd have to be an veru high concentration of bacteria present at sea level, meaning a very high concentration of bacteria beneath sea level also, probably disturbing the ecosystems. But i was wondering, do hydrophobic or amphiphyllic bacteria exist? IF they do, would it be possible to conjugate a certain plasmide coding for degradation enzymes into this bacteria and use this to clean the oceans ?
    I know it's a very hypothetical question, and that there'd be a lot more to it than just conjugating the plasmid to another bacteria, but do you think it's a technique worth researching ? If not, why?

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