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Thread: Why Does Music Affect Us?

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    I posted this here rather than the behavioral Sciences forum because I want a genetic answer.
    Music Makes us Laugh and sometimes Sad, Songs/Chants/Music have been used to raise soldier morales through most of human history which shows some evidence that music affects us profoundly.
    Maybe we respond to music because of our love for order, we relate that to sounds we hear and then music is created, but does that explain why we feel certain emotions after hearing certain musical performances?

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    I don't see it as proven that there is a significant biological link. I find it more likely that the connection between music and emotion is something that's aquired throughout our life, kind of like the connection between facial expressions (smile) and emotion (happiness) that babies learn by observing and emulating the behavior of adults. The music/emotion link is very dependent on culture, generation, and experience.

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    Perhaps a better way of asking the question is how does harmonics effect us? You know, non-language ambient sounds, which most likely is the source for the inspiration of music. I know I've heard that plants react to music, and so do we, so why? And what else does? Why do we recognize pleasing sounds and distressing ones? Is the sound of a waterfall or a gentle breeze through trees indicative of safety? Do other organisms interpret said sounds in a similar way?
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