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Thread: Yeast Fermentation Lab Mystery

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    why is warm water key to the process of yeast fermentation?

    Alright: edit, this is a homework problem. I have read the equation over and am unfamiliar with chemistry. I don't see how warm water would effect the yeast fermentation lab(Can't link Sci Guys video, but search it on youtube I guess) I've looked over the equation and have seen no important aspects of it that would cause the need for warm water. Yet the need for such is there. I tried the experiment without warm water and it doesn't work. I know its important, I just don't know why. If you have anything that might set me on the right track, comment. This forum seems pretty inactive? Idk, comment if you got something. Thanks so much for taking the time

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    Why does temperature affect the rate of biochemical processes. Think enzymes.

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    because that temperature is adequate for the desired effect to occur in the yeast
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