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Thread: Coefficient of drug interaction (CDI)?

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    Hello everyone,

    I tested the single and combined effects of two drugs on the protein expression of a gene. I got a weird result if I used the coefficient of drug interaction (CDI) methods i.e. AB/(A*B). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    After normalising the protein expression levels using Western blot to the saline-paired control, i got the following relative averaged expression values:

    Control: 1
    Drug A: 1.3
    Drug B (50 nM): 1.3
    Drug B (100 nM): 1.3
    Drugs A + B(50nM): 1.7
    Drugs A +B (100nM): 4.0

    CDI for Drugs A + B(50nM) = 1.7/(1.3x1.3)= 1.0 <--additive
    CDI for Drugs A + B(100nM) =4.0/(1.3x1.3)= 2.4 <--antagonistic

    However, the induction of the protein expression by the combined treatment of A and B (100 nM) is way higher than A and B (50 nM), how come the CDI for Drugs A + B(100nM) is so high suggesting an antagonistic interaction? May I ask if I did any things wrong? Thank you very much. David

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