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Thread: Cell growth graphs?

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    Hi! I have sheets of data regarding the passaging of cells (I didn't deal with the cells myself I just have the data)- it includes information such as the total cell numbers counted, the number of cells seeded, fold increase in cells counted/seeded, doubling times, and generations. What I want to do is create a graph showing how well the cells were growing between each time the cells were harvested. I have never done anything to do with cell culturing before so I'm a bit confused about what information I need to take from the data to do this?! Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks

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    "sheets of data" suggests a limited size of data (not Gb or something the like), could be done in excel
    provide a column for time
    provide a column for each dataset(over time)
    conecting and manipulating data (depending on your required output)
    provide a column for each output dataset
    GRAPH: built into excel

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