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Thread: Question on body swapping

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    I hear scientist are researching technology to upload minds up to computer just like uploading music to your PC from you iPod. If they succeed, could it happen ? Say if you just upload two people's minds up to a computer, than download them back to the other person's brain.

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    Like most techno "If, then" statements, the "If" part is a mighty leap in technology.

    Where did you hear this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chucknorium View Post
    Like most techno "If, then" statements, the "If" part is a mighty leap in technology.

    Where did you hear this?
    If futurist Ray Kurzweil has not already discussed this I predict that he soon will.
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    Scientists are working on reading parts of the mind. So visual centers into actual images. However, you must understand this is only the tip of the iceberg. A mind cannot fully be read, even not by itself. Not in the near future, but maybe in the far future (read 300+ years) we might be able to read the mind in a machine.
    Growing up, i marveled at star-trek's science, and ignored the perfect society. Now, i try to ignore their science, and marvel at the society.

    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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    If that ever does happen there won't be a need for the court system for the police will know for certain who did the crime by reading everyones mind suspected in the case and putting them in jail.
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