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    A while ago, I noticed that what seems like a Lithobius Borealis had gotten into a bottle of water (which had been in my basement for some time). Instead of throwing the bottle away, I chose to observe how the little creature gets decomposed. Some questions have popped up in my mind since I started watching it and hope some of you might be able to answer them;

    I've noticed that the middle of the animal has become very light brown, while the ends (tail and head) have become rather dark. Any explanation to this? Bodily fluids/organs being pushed out?

    Also, I would like to know how the water affects the process of decomposition. The water is spring water from Norway, and has been in room temperature since I discovered it. The bottle is 600ml, and around 150ml is filled up with water (not warm nor cold temperature). I know Autolysis will slowly destroy the tissue, but will it be able to destroy all of it or will part of it remain intact (like the exoskeleton, if no/little outside force and organisms like bacteria destroy it)? Will the lack of O2 slow down the process?

    Does the water contain bacteria that will tear down the organism and its exoskeleton?

    And will Anaerobic organisms somehow get to the animal in the bottle?

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