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Thread: In Vitro Eastern Cottonwood Morphogensis Questions (Yellow / Red Leaves)

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    Hey there,

    So i'm currently looking at different protocols for getting better AR (Adventitious Rooting) in Eastern Cottonwood clones (S7-C20 & S7-C15) and ran into a problem when a number of my excised stem cuttings started to turn vibrant red & yellow in color after being in an agarified WPM Rooting medium for ~2 weeks .... I know that yellowing color can be an indicator of leaf senescence but I'm guessing that there is some chemical imbalance and/or stress that is inducting the undesired leaf coloration.... just looking for any advice on what Plant Growth Hormones might be able to reverse the red/yellow coloration or any insight as to why an in-vitro grown eastern cottonwood leaf would turn red.

    Thanks for the help!


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    benzyl adenine, sugar?
    Too strong of woody plant medium mix?
    Water availability too low?
    Ph level?
    Insuficient rooting to support leaf area?
    Air too dry around plants?

    Maybe they are short of chlorine ions or have too much nitrogen?

    lack of iron, zinc, manganese, copper,
    boron, chlorine, calcium, or sulfur?

    I have no idea and am just guessing.

    edit: Some poplars have reddish leaves when the leaves are very young too.

    I think it is unlikely to be bronze leaf disease.

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