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Thread: Calsium uptake and sugar

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    Is it a myth or a fact that sugar prevents the body from absorbing calsium?


    A: Drinks 1 litre of milk each day + 1 litre of soda
    B: Drinks 1 litre soda each day
    C: Drinks 1 litre of milk each day

    Rest of their diet is identical and they both drink sufficient water.
    How would sugar have an effect here? Are we talking minimal to none of calcium being absorbed by the body? 50%? heavy influence? (Seeing if this is true).

    I think I posted this years back but couldnt find the thread. Im not obese, but does being obese cause these reaction to amplify or doesent personal weight factor in much?

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    Probably the sugar has less effect than a shortage of vitamin D would have.
    Some people who eat a lot of starch and sugar are also trying to avoid fats and oils which are needed for the absorbtion of vitamin D because Vitamin D is carried in the oils in food.
    Even if you drink milk that is fortified with vitamin D skim or no fat milk likely doesn't have enough butterfat in it the let you absorb the vitamin from the milk.

    [QUOTE ] Theres something special about Vitamin D that does not apply to most other vitamins or supplements. Vitamin D is fat soluble. This means vitamin D can be “made up.” If you miss your vitamin D today, for example, you can take double the amount tomorrow. If you miss your vitamin D for a whole week, you can take all the vitamin D that you missed altogether at the end of the week. However, you shouldn’t do this on a regular basis without consulting with your physician and this can only be done with vitamin D. It cannot be done with other medications or supplements.[/QUOTE]

    Calcium and Vitamin D: What You Need to Know | National Osteoporosis Foundation

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