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    What blind people dream about, considering that they're are blind from birth?

    He is numb from his toes down
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    If you do a search on blind dreams ( I do "forum blind dreams" ) you can see that this subject has been discussed a lot in the past.

    It was also discussed on this site about 8 months ago (maybe not the dreaming side ):

    What do blind people 'see'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymenophyllum View Post
    What blind people dream about, considering that they're are blind from birth?
    If you meant it in terms of what you and I would interpret as "visual", I suspect their dreams being comprised of shapes & forms in landscape and filled in with different tactile textures. Color and shades would hold very little meaning to them except when interacting with those who aren't visually unimpaired, even then, I have trouble imagining how we are able to adequately convey those two aspects of the visual senses to them.

    In interior spaces, lines, angles, and flat'ish surfaces would vaguely take on the form of how we visually draft computerized environments. Depending on their auditory and olfactory acuity, sounds, scent (or the absence of them) and textures would "color" their surroundings in place of what we interpret as light, colours, and shades.
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