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Thread: Diel Vertical Migration In Lab?

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    Hello Members of The Science Forum,
    I am currently in a highschool research program and i am in dire need of help! Currently we are discussing plans for research in our junior year and i plan on working with zooplankton in the lab and seeing what effects light pollution have on diel vertical, my only problem is- i can't figure out how to mimic vertical migration in the lab! We have 2 tanks (1 of them salt water) that are relatively large, and i have skimmed through a countless number of articles trying to find some useful information.
    P.S: There is absolutely no way we will get access to a water body for this research

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    Take samples at different heights..

    Put plexiglass plates with holes in them in the tank. One hole per plate. Each on a different height. You can figure it out from there..

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