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    In the very common experiment to measure the rate of photosynthesis using pondweed (usually Elodea), how can you be sure that as the lamp is moved further away, the bubbles are decreasing because of the light frequency and not because it is dying? What would be the investigation to show that the plant is not dying because of this but that it is just the rate of photosynthesis that has decreased?


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    An important part of experiment design (or test development) is working out how to eliminate other effects.

    In this case, I assume the purpose is to show that as the intensity (not frequency) of the light decreases (with distance) the rate of photosynthesis decreases. One way to make sure that the plant isn't coincidentally dying as you do this is to reverse the process - bring the lamp closer again - and check that the rate of photosynthesis increases.

    See if you can think of any other methods (I can think of at least one more).

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