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Thread: Does Homeostasis also affect muscle growth?

  1. #1 Does Homeostasis also affect muscle growth? 
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    Using a 0-100 number to measure biologically dispositioned strength.

    Person A starts working out for the first time in his life. His strength is 30.
    Person B starts working out for the first time in his life. His strength is 50.

    They both double their strength and ends up at 60/100 respectively.

    If they now both stop working out, they eventually fall back down to 30/50.

    Nomatter how little they eat (aslong as it doesent go over to malnutrition) the calorie loss and stopping to lift weight, seems to "stop" the muscle loss at a default genetical level. Im just wondering if this (muscle strength) is also regulated by homeostasis or if these are seperate?

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    I wouldn´t claim it was the "genetic level" of a human one reverts to. I think it is more due to their normal activities. One who doesn't move at all, or someone who works as a carpenter, have a totally different use of muscle, however they may have the same genetics.

    But, i wouldn't call them separate from homeostasis either.

    Its a combination of effects.

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