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Thread: Question about the: Tissue found in a 68m year old T-rex (Mary Schweitzer)

  1. #1 Question about the: Tissue found in a 68m year old T-rex (Mary Schweitzer) 
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    Hello i have a question about the

    Bloodcells or tissue that has been found in a dinosaur bone.
    To me it seems to meant that that seems to be able to survive alot long then we used to think.

    Although i see alot of young earth creationst use this as an argument for a young earth or against evolution (Although i don't know what tissue decay has to do with evolution)

    Could someone explain this to me?

    or where can i find more information then just this discovery

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    I would start with the wiki articles (I'd link to them but Wiki is down at the moment)

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    I would like to link to more appropriate sources, but this YouTube suffices for now: Dinosaur blood and polystrate trees debunked - YouTube
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