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Thread: Fungus in Agar

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    I was wondering if it is possible to grow bread fungus in nutrient agar. I know you can grow bacteria there, but I was wondering if fungus would grow in there to.
    What I really want to know is; Which one of the two (fungus or bacteria) relies more on nutrient agar to grow?
    Thank you

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    I think the answer is both,

    from experiance, i know that both can possibly grow on agar, but normally i have only worked with fungus, and molds.

    Which one of the two (fungus or bacteria) relies more on nutrient agar to grow?
    em, i would guess the answer (in a round about way) would be they both rely on a source of energy, and in argar plates thats all that they have.

    do you mean if both were growing, which would need more?

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    In my experience .. mold will sometimes get there before you even infect the plates!

    (there is special agars for molds or bacteria etc, but they all grow pretty much what ever is around!)
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