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Thread: Population NOT in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

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    I am looking at a microsatellite expansion at a single locus using Fragment Analysis.
    Upon examining the controls and the cases, neither is in HWE.

    Two questions

    1) My control is from cell lines. Is it possible that the cell line would be unstable and end up producing homzygote normals if the individual wasn't actually homozygote to begin with?? (It sounds silly, but I am trying to exhaust all option)

    2) What tests can I do on the data to ensure that the reason for the populations not being in HWE is not genotyping error.


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    1) I need some more background information, i have slow internet right now, so i can not look it up. However i believe that a cell produces homozygote copies when it is a homozygote, and heterozygote copies when it is heterozygote (except with meiosis).

    This is however under normal circumstances.

    Did you check if your method can actually detect the other locus? Mistaken your primer, or your Qpcr method? Not sure about your purification method, because that could interfere with your results.

    2) To be sure, you could throw away all your reagentia, all your cell lines, all your conclusions, and restart totally. If the same thing happens it is at least something you can reproduce, thus science. I would advice simply to recheck your primers, and if your probes still work. Some probes are very unstable and deteriorate very quickly.

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