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Thread: Gene therapy and stem cells

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    What are the specifics of somatic gene therapy versus germ line gene therapy and how are stem cells involved? I know that gene therapy is changing a gene or a base sequence of a gene to achieve a desired effect, and I know the difference between somatic cells and gametic cells.

    I assume that germ line therapy has something to do with in-vitro manipulation or manipulation of the gametic cells before reproduction, whereas somatic cell therapy would be to a specific body cell to cease a function from occurring.

    However I'm only guessing and some clarification would be good to have, also I have no idea where stem cells would fit into all of this or how they would work. Thanks

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    Stem cell therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Gene therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I hope that these will provide the answer you seek

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    Germ line gene therapy and somatic gene therapy are somewhat the same technically, though germline therapy is a bit easier since you're working with single cells. Somatic gene therapy requires an efficient delivery vehile. Usually a virus, which can be tricky. Stem cell therapy has little to do with either, and is simply placing undifferentiated cells in a tissue context where they can differentiate and give rise to new tissue to replace an older possibly damaged one.
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