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Thread: Microbiological ecosystem question

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    Hello there every body I was wondering if you could help me with making what I like to call a microecosyetem ( I know it's not a word I made it up ) I have always been interested in food chains I wondered one day what that's like on a microscopic scale you know low food chain in the middle and top predator can you help me with the food chain and the set up enclosure?

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    Yep, that won't work. Microorganisms don't work like that. You could just grab a batch of seawater, and you have a so called micro-ecosystem of plankton. But this won't last because the ecosystem at sea is very fragile if just in a small pot. Food will run out, or over very quickly. Another problem, most plankton isn't a microorganism, just an embryonic form of a bigger organism.

    I don't think you understand how hard it will be to do something like this. You can grow amoebae, paramecium or whatever, or keep other protozoa alive, but you will never be able to get a stable ecosystem. You will need to flush and feed your enclosure regularly.

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