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Thread: Gene splicing project

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    Hey guys going to need your help again see my dad lives in Florida and invasive species are running amok there so i came up with a new idea to get rid if them genetically altered predators ! Like for Burmese pythons we get weak venom versions of the king cobra their natural predator for lion fish barracuda Morley eel shark mixed together for invasive lizards like Nile monitor we could have a mongoose mixed with Honey badger for west nike virus and it carrier virus hunting virus and free tailed bat. Mixed with vampire bat these are ideas I will post more and as always reply!

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    The problem with this approach is that you are trying to correct the problems of an invasive species by introducing a second such species. Our ignorance about the detailed interactions within any ecology mean that the result will be unpredictable and quite possibly worse than the problem.

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    You need to bone up on your biology. You can't just "mix" two completely different species....unless your name is god.
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