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Thread: apoezyme equals allosteric regulation?

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    I'm sort of confused with the concepts apoenzyme and allosteric regulation. I know a apoenzyme needs a cofactor to work this can be a ion or a organic molecule (=coenzyme) or both forming an active enzyme (holoenzyme). My question now is with allosteric regulation more specifically allosteric activation isn't this also a apoenzyme? I'm guessing it's not the same. But where exactly lies the difference?

    Thanks in advance

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    They are, as you state, not the same.

    Cofactors merely act as the "chemical teeth". They aid to catalyze the reaction, but they are not the activators nor inhibitors of the enzyme.
    Allosteric regulation is simply that a substance binds on an enzyme other than at the substrate binding site and alters the enzyme activity.

    If this does not clarify your question, I will look for an enzyme that can illustrate my explanation.

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    Well, actually, after wikiing for about 1 min. My conclusion would be its not the same, but it doesn't exclude the other part either. There are so many apo-enzymes, and some allosteric regulation mechanisms can use an inorganic co-factor. But not all of these regulations do. Also, sometimes the enzyme used in allosteric regulation is active already, and it doesn't use this cofactor to become active. The big difference is, there are 2 mechanisms on allosteric regulation (up and downregulation), and only the co-factor bond at apo-enzymes, which could count as 1 mechanism.

    Just to clarify your ideas weren't nonsense.. It made me think over this whole proces..
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