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Thread: Unusual extinctions and survivals

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    Some of the extinctions do not make sense.
    Try these.

    Raptor shape.

    The comet theory killed T rex and his fellow raptors. BUT the shape re rvolved in the first great age of mammals at the Terra Bird. These flightless predatory birds were bigger than a moa and hundted as T Rex had.

    But in the next great mammal age virtually all of the top predators went from hunting on two legs to hunting on four. All of them.

    In the age of the dinos the only top predators who hunted on four legs were the crocs. What happend that all the two legged predators died out.?????????????

    Speaking of crocs

    Why did Ambulesitus go extinct.? This creature was the link between wolf an whale. It was a mammal but it was the size and shape of a croc and hunted the same way, Ambush predator.

    In tropical climates the crocs may well have out competed them. But not in the temperate or polar areas. Why didn't some of them survive while some others went on to evolve the modern whale shape.????????

    Good thinking folks.

    Don't be afraid of asking stupid questions. They are so much easier to handle than stupid mistakes
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    probably mice-sized mammals started evolving from bug-eating little skits, into full-fledged four legged predators, when the big birds stopped eating their medium sized offspring.

    you also have records of cynognatus, which was a four legged mammal-like predator living long before T-rex walked the earth.

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    I don't think you are going to get any answers to your questions. It is unlikely anyone knows the answer. How could we? All we have to go on is inadequate to explain it. You expect too much now!

    Social scientists don't even know why civilizatiions rise and fall and you expect them to know what caused the extinction of animals we only have a few skeletons of!

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