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    Hi guys. I've been trying to establish cultures for this last year, mainly aloes and one or two woody plants. I bought a "kit" from someone who grows orchids which comprises of 5 "solutions" which have to be mixed together, making what she said to be MS, and adding BAP and NAA. The phyto-hormone ratio was Cytokinin 4mg/l and Auxin 1mg/l. Surface sterilisation was successful and only had fungal contamination in two of the cultures. What's bugging me is that the cultures are still, after a year, the same size! They are green and alive but still not showing any sign of growth. Is this at all possible? I'm starting to wonder if the supplier didn't simply sell me some ethanol and just labelled it as a growth-regulator. The temperature in their growing are is approx. 24 degrees Celsius, so I think that should actually be adequate. I have ordered hormones from a well-known international supplier, so we'll see how that goes. Also, id like to use Colchicine for Amarilids, can anyone tell me what concentration should be applied for polyploidy? Also, I cant get PPM (plant preservative mixture) in my country, would it be advisable to incorporate a phyto-friendly topical and systemic antimycotic into the MS? ANY advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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