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Thread: is eyesight affected by city living

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    My theory is that people that live with in major cities have more trouble with their eyesight than people living in the country side.

    i am basing my theory on two things, the first is the fact that we are moving into technology too fast and our bodies are not catching up to adapt to the progress

    the second is linked in a way for the fact that when you live in the city you are constantly harrassed by moving images, flashes, lights, billboards and so on, this also links to television.

    the theory is that people in the country are not surrounded by these aspects of living, they are in the enviroment that humanity was originally raised and it has only been in the last forty or less years that the advancement of technology has abled the images from advertisments and flashing billboards ect.

    so are the people in the country in natural enviroment as well as not beening confronted by these images with a more moderate and subtle use of their eyes as they constantly looking at greenery.

    this also leads onto from before that television is watched more in the city than in the country, by the push of advertisement and lifestyle

    this is my theory in part, i am not of any scientific nature, i am an artist, i have no research to back this up but this thoery just came to me in the middle of the night

    i hope to cause discussion

    many regards

    jari kutasi

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    OK you have at best a hypothesis, now, what information do you have to back it up?

    If eyesight is (and I don't say that it is) worse in the city, what other factors have you negated, such as diet, pollution etc...

    If people in the country use opthalmic specialists less often - could it be they live further away and are less inclined to visit the city/ afraid to visit the city/poorer and less able to pay the fees...

    See there's a lot more to such a theory/hypothesis than meets the eye (of either folk)..

    So now you ned to do some real research...

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    my opinion would go to the don't use it, lose it idea. if you are constantly bombarded with city this and city that, you become adapt and the use of vision more complete in total use. the farmer who was raised with a virtual constant and steady daylight scenario and maybe a weekly trip to a one stop light town, may have trouble when confronted with all the city dweller goes through. this would be contrary to your view. if you want to test this, take one of your more colorful complex paintings to both type areas and have people comment on it or them. the city folk will probably mention colors, even shades of color and country folks no doubt will never mention shades and colors descriptions in simple form. that is red or blue, not light blue or maroon.

    this goes to life style, but the Amish are not opposed to color, but there is really no color in the world they live in.
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